Q: What firearms will the LT-PRO work with?

A: The LT-PRO works with 9, 40 and 45 mm pistols (.35 - .45 caliber) so long as you have at least 2” of actual barrel length.

Q: Will the LT-PRO work if my barrel length isn’t 2”?

A: No, to accurately train with the LT-PRO, you will need a minimum of 2” of actual barrel length.

Q: How do I install the LT-PRO?

A: The LT-PRO has a small plastic insulator located within the battery compartment. This needs to be removed before use. After removing insulator, insert the screw included with the laser into the adapter and thread the screw into the LT-PRO. This will expand the adapter so you will need to expand it only until it can be inserted snugly in your barrel. For .35 caliber firearms, the adapter will not need to be expanded very much. For higher calibers, the adapter will need to be expanded farther. Gently insert the LT-PRO into the muzzle of the pistol. The laser will activate when your weapon is dry fired.

Q: Will dry firing my weapon with the LT-PRO damage my firearm?

A: To help reduce strain on your firing pin, we do suggest using snap caps.

Q: Why is there a constant drain on the batteries when installed?

A: The LT-PRO is a sound activated device, and therefore will continue to drain batteries while installed. There is not an on/off button. To prolong the life of your batteries, we suggest removing them entirely from the unit when not in use.

Q: How long does the LT-PRO activate?

A: When the hammer or striker is fired the laser activates for 100 milli-seconds to show where impact would have been if one was shooting with ammunition.

Q: What kind of batteries and how many of does the LT-PRO use?

A: The LT-PRO uses three batteries size 377.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 3000 shots.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement batteries for my LT-PRO?

A: The 377 batteries are standard camera/watch/hearing aid batteries that can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, local drug store or any other place that sells watch or hearing aid batteries. You may also purchase 12 packs of replacement batteries from LaserLyte directly.

Q: What is the actual size of the LT-PRO?

A: 2.1” long and weighs 0.38 oz.