Trainer Training Tyme Kit - TLB-RTK - MSRP $219.95

Trainer Training Tyme Kit

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LaserLyte® has combined their most popular laser training tools to create a one-stop system of entry level laser training with everything necessary in one package. The Training Tyme Kit includes the LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol and the LT-PRO universal pistol laser trainer and a Reaction Tyme Target to register hits.  The Training Tyme Kit provides a $40.00 savings over the same products sold separately.  


The Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol is similar in size to the S&W® Shield™ and the Springfield Armory® XD-S™ single stack 9mm pistols. The 5.5 lb. approximate simulated trigger pull has a take-up and break action just like a real firearm but the LaserLyte® Trigger Tyme pistols cannot accept or fire real ammunition.


The LaserLyte® LT-PRO works with a sound activated switch that indicates where the bullet impacts with a red laser dot. It extends no more than .25 inches from the muzzle of the Trigger Tyme pistol thus allowing for training from a holster, concealment or close quarters.


The LaserLyte® Reaction Tyme Laser Target comes with one (1) target for focused training scenarios.  The interactive system works in two modes; reaction and training. The reaction mode features random LED signals in intervals of three to seven seconds. When a hit is made the target celebrates with two beeps and a LED flash. The training mode allows the user to practice trigger control and accuracy with an always-on and ready-to-be-shot mode. When a hit is made, the target sounds two beeps and the LED flash.


The LaserLyte® Training Tyme Kit is the perfect training kit for classrooms, new shooters and individuals interested in honing their presentation, holstering and trigger skills. MSRP is $219.95.

The LaserLyte® Training Tyme Kit gets sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits.

-Product Number: TLB-RT
-Works with any of the LaserLyte® Trainers: LT-PRO, LT-223, LT-1, LT-380, LT-9, LT-40, LT-45

-Two Targets with 2.5 inch diameter shooting ring
-Batteries: 3 x AAA
-Battery Life: 6,000 shots
-Activation: LaserLyte® Laser Trainer
-Weight: 4.25 oz. / 119 gr.
-Length: 1.30 inches / 33.43mm

-Width: 3.00 inches / 75.96mm
-Height: 3.74 inches / 95.00mm
-Range of Usage: 50 Yards 

-Product Number:
-For use with the LaserLyte® LT-PRO and LaserLyte® Trainer targets; TLB-1, TLB-RT, and TLB-BWC
-Materials: made from glass filled nylon
-Weight: 10.4 ounces / 295 gr.

-Product Number:
-Length: 2.1 inches

-Minimum diameter: .1 inch
-Maximum Diameter: .5 inch 
-Run Time: 3,000 shots • Batteries: 3 x 377
-Activation: Sound of striker or hammer

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