Q: What guns will the ADP-BERS-140 fit?

A: The ADP-BERS-140 works on the Bersa Thunder Series and the Mini-Firestorm series that are 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. **PLEASE NOTE** these guns must already have the Bersa proprietary rail system!

Q: What lasers will fit on the ADP-BERS-140?

A: FSR-00V2-140, FSM-00QD-140, LRS-0650-SSW, FSL-0650-140, LL-1 and WL-1.

Q: Why do I need this adapter for my Bersa?

A: You need this adapter due to the proprietary rail system which will not allow an accessory that utilizes a standard Picatinny/ Weaver style rail system to be attached. The new mount will allow you to install any laser or light that needs an inch of rail space maximum.

Q: How does the adapter stay in place?

A: The ADP-BERS-140 fits into the grooves of the rail system. There are two screws that tighten with a hex key provided and hold the adapter onto the gun. A laser does not need to be on the adapter in order for the adapter to stay in place.

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