Q: What guns will the ADP-HIPT-140 fit?

A: The ADP-HIPT-140 will work on the Hi-Point .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols.

Q: What lasers will fit on the ADP-HIPT-140?

A: The ONLY laser that will work with the ADP-HIPT-140 is LaserLyte’s Black or Stainless round body Laser. An activation switch is also needed with the round body laser. The LRS-0650-SSW or the FSL-0650-140 WILL NOT work with this adapter.

Q: Why do I need this adapter for my Hi-Point Pistol?

A: The ADP-HIPT-140 is needed because the rail system on the Hi-Point Pistols is too short for any laser to slide or mount onto.

Q: How does the ADP-HIPT-140 stay in place?

A: The adapter has two screws that keep it in place. There is one screw that tightens onto the rail system of the pistol and another screw that tightens at the bottom of the adapter that holds the laser body in place.

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