Q: What guns will the ADP-JUDG-140 fit on?

A: The ADP-JUDG-140 will only work on the Taurus Judge with a 3” barrel or the Taurus Judge with a 6” barrel. We do suggest measuring the knurled end of the ejector rod, because if it is longer than about 0.25”, the adapter will prevent the ejector rod from functioning properly and will not work with your Judge.

Q: What will fit on the ADP-JUDG-140? 

A: FSR-00V2-140, FSM-00QD-140, LRS-0650-SSW, FSL-0650-140, LL-1 and WL-1. 

Q: What lasers or additional accessories will fit on the ADP-JUDG-140?

A: The ADP-JUDG-140 may be used with the following items: 

Q: How does the ADP-JUDG-140 stay in place?  

A: The adapter fits onto the barrel lug. The side clamp then fits onto the side of the mount and is held in place by two screws. There is a set screw located on the underside of the adapter that will also help to keep it in place.  

Q: How far will the ADP-JUDG-140 hang down on my gun? 

A: The adapter itself will hang down about ½ an inch from your gun. The distance the adapter and laser and/or flashlight will hang down will vary depending on the accessory mounted. 

Q: What if the ejector rod is catching on the adapter not allowing the cylinder to either close or open?

A: You could possibly have a newer Judge where the knurled area of the ejector rod is longer than ¼ of an inch. If this is the case this adapter will not work for your firearm.

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