FAQ: BAK-1220-300

Q: What is the BAK-1220-300? 

A: The BAK-1220-300 is an adapter for use with any of Laserlyte’s .22-.50 caliber Bore Sighters. It allows you to sight in 12-20 gauge shotguns. 

Q: Will the BAK-1220-300 work on guns that are over .50 calibers?  

A: Yes, you can use the BAK-1220-300 for bore sighting guns up to .750 calibers. 

Q: Can I use the BAK-1220-300 with my LBS-1722-140?

A: No, you cannot use the BAK-1220-300 with the .17-.22 cal Bore Sighter. The stem of the .17-.22 is too small. 

Q: Can I use the BAK-1220-300 with my LSS-0007-140?  

A: Yes, this is the same Bore Sighter as the LBS-0006-140. It is the model LaserLyte makes specifically for Walmart.

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