Q: What kind of batteries and how many does the LT-TTL use?
A: The LT-TTL uses three batteries, size A76.

Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: The battery life is 50,000 shots.

Q: How long does the LT-TTL activate?
A: When the hammer or striker is fired the laser activates for 100 milli-seconds to show where impact would have been if one was shooting with ammunition.

Q: How big is the LT-TTL? How does the trigger feel?
A: Approximately the size of a GLOCK 23 or 19, the LT-TTL is weighted and balanced to give the realistic “feel” of most semi-auto pistols. The approximate simulated 5.5 lb. trigger pull has a take up and break action like the real thing.

Q: How do I sight in the laser?
A: There are two adjustment screws located on the pistol. The elevation adjustment screw is on top of the pistol; the windage adjustment screw is on the right side of the pistol.

Q: What size hex wrench do the adjustment screws use?
A: The adjustment screws use a .035 hex wrench. If you lose yours and cannot find one please contact Customer Service via email at info@laserlyte.com, and we will send you a new one.

Q: Can the LT-TTL accept live ammunition?
A: The LT-TTL cannot accept or be fired with any ammunition.

Q: How much does the LT-TTL weigh?
A: The LT-TTL weighs 15 oz.

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