Q: What is the MBS-XMJ compatible with?
A: Compatible with all Cross Bows.

Q: How do I turn the laser on/off?
A: The Laser Crossbow Sighter activates by rotating the black knurled roll switch.

Q: How do you sight in using the MBS-XMJ?
A: Put the Laser Crossbow Sighter on the flight groove (arrow track) and under the string of any uncocked cross bow. Shine the laser out 20 yards, adjust the 20 yard reticle/dot to the laser then fire the first bolt. Then you are on target instantly within 1-2 inches of bullseye.            

Q: How much distance do I need for bore sighting with the MBS-XMJ?
A: To obtain the best accuracy we recommend using 20 yards.

Q: What if 20 yards is not available?
A: The tool can still be used at a shorter distance of 10 yards. If this is the distance you are using, instead of placing the middle of your crosshairs/middle iron sight right on the red laser dot, you will adjust them to be 2 inches directly above the laser dot.

Q: What kind of batteries and how many does the MBS-XMJ use?
A: The MBS-XMJ uses three batteries, size 393.

Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: The battery life is 1.5+ hours, constant on.

Q: How do I change the batteries?
A: The batteries are housed inside of the roll switch used to turn the laser on/off. Remove roll switch from laser body to replace batteries.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement batteries for my MBS-XMJ?
A: The 393 batteries are standard camera/watch/hearing aid batteries that can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, local drug store or any other place that sells watch or hearing aid batteries. You may also purchase 12 packs of replacement batteries directly from LaserLyte here: http://www.laserlyte.com/products/12-pack-of-393-batteries

Q: What is the actual size of the MBS-XMJ?
A: 8.75 (Length) x .52 (Maximum Diameter) x .35 (Minimum Diameter) inches.

Q: How much does the MBS-XMJ weigh?
A: This laser weighs 1.5 oz.

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