Q: What Laser Trainers are compatible with the TLB-CG?
A: Compatible with the LT-PRE, LT-PRO, LT-LR, LT-223, LT-380, LT-9, LT-40, LT-45, LT-120, LT-GM, LT-GL, LT-TTL, LT-TTLC, and LT-TT85.

Q: What kind of batteries and how many does the TLB-CG use?
A: The TLB-CG uses two batteries, size AA.

Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: The battery life is 6,000 shots.

Q: What is the actual size of the TLB-CG?
A: 6.3 (Height) x 4.3 (Width) x 2.7 (Depth) inches.

Q: How much does the TLB-CG weigh?
A: This target weighs 9.5 oz.

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