FAQ: FSL-0650-140

Q: How do I sight the laser in?

A: there are two screws at the bottom of the lasers that adjust the laser in an X type pattern. Loosen or tight each screw to move the dot to the desired location. For a diagram on the lasers movement please see the instructions at www.laserlyte.com/download/instructions/

Q: What size hex wrench does the adjustment screws use?

A: It takes a .035 hex wrench, if you lose yours or cannot find one please contact customer service at 928-649-3201 and we will send you a new one. 

Q: Will the FSL-0650-140 withstand recoil and stay on my weapons rail?

A: Yes, the FSL has gone under a few changes since the introduction of the laser. The two improvements are increased thread engagement on the clamping screws and cross locking bar. The increased thread engagement will give you the tightest clamp on the gun and the screws will not strip out. The cross lock bar is extra protection against sliding and matches up with your existing cross cut on your weapon.

Q: My FSL-0650-140 is flashing what can I do?

A: If the laser is flashing when activated first check to see if it has fresh batteries. When the batteries are low the laser will flash as an indicator to change the batteries. If the flashing persists after changing batteries take the supplied .035 allen wrench and tighten the two screws at the back of the laser until the flashing stops. If both of the solutions above do not stop the flashing please call customer service at 928-649-3201.

Q: My FSL-0650-140 turns on when I fire a shot what can I do?

A: If the laser is turning on during shooting the battery cap needs to be tightened. Turn the battery cap one full revolution and then test again. Continue tightening until the laser stays off during shooting.

Q: What firearms will the FSL-0650-140 fit on?

A: The FSL-0650-140 will fit all standard size firearms that have a Picatinny/Weaver based rail system, along with MOST Sub-compact firearms. For the FSL-0650-140 to fit a minimum rail length of 1 ¼ inches is needed on the firearm. It will also work on AK’s, M4’s, and Shotguns with rail systems. **PLEASE NOTE** There are some pistols that require a LaserLyte Adapter in order for the FSL-0650-140 to fit. Those are:

  • Heckler & Koch USP
  • Heckler & Koch USP Compact
  • Smith & Wesson Sigma Series
  • Bersa Thunder Series
  • Bersa Mini-Firestorm Series

Q: What if my firearm does not have a rail system?

A: If your firearm does not have a rail system, this laser will NOT work for your firearm. You must already have a rail system! If you do not have a rail system please see LaserLyte’s Universal Pistol Laser, which will fit.

Q: How does the FSL-0650-140 attach to the rail?

A: The FSL-0650-140 tightens down on the rail system with two screws and a hex key provided. It also has a 3-position locking bar that will match up with the firearms cross cut slots on the Picatinny Rails. This ensures a secure mount on the firearm and lets the laser handle any high re-coil firearm.

Q: How much does the FSL-0650-140 weigh?

A: It weighs less than 1 ounce!

Q: How do you turn on/off the FSL-0650-140?

A: On the back side of the FSL-0650-140, there is an orange colored button. Simply press the button to turn on the laser and press the button again to turn off the laser.

Q: Why is the orange activation switch on the left of the laser?

A: The activation switch is located on the left of the FSL-0650-140 back side due to design and size. Also, upon research findings, the majority would prefer the button to be on the left hand side due to using their free hand to activate the laser.

Q: Is there a FSL-0650-140 with the button on the right hand side?

A: No, there is not a version of the FSL-0650-140 with the orange activation switch located on the right of the back side.

Q: Is there another version of the FSL-0650-140 with a pressure pad switch like the LRS-0650-SCS?

A: No, there is not a version that has a pressure pad activation switch for the FSL-0650-140.

Q: How do you change the batteries in the FSL-0650-140?

A: To change the batteries in the FSL-0650-140 you simply unscrew the cap located in the front of the laser. Slide the batteries out. To replace, you simply slide new batteries into the slot and screw on the cap.

Q: What kind of batteries does the FSL-0650-140 use?

A: The FSL-0650-140 uses 4 “393” batteries.

Q: How long will the batteries last for the FSL-0650-140?

A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. If not used continuously they will have a much longer life. The FSL-0650-140 also has a pulsing low battery feature that will extend your battery life approximately another 2.5 hours continuously.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement batteries?

A: The 393 batteries are standard camera/watch batteries that can be purchased at a local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, a local Drug Store, or anywhere else that sells watch batteries. You can also purchase a 12 pack of them at LaserLyte’s website for $12 plus shipping.

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