FAQ: FSR-00V2-140

Q: How do you sight in the laser? 

A: There are two screws located on the laser. The one on the right hand side of the laser is for windage adjustment. The one on the bottom of the laser is for elevation adjustment. Loosen or tighten each screw to move the dot to the desired location always making sure your laser adjustment is clockwise. This locks your laser in place. 

Q: What size Hex wrench do the adjustment screws use? 
A: The adjustment screws use a .035 Hex wrench. If you lose yours please contact customer service at 928-649-3201. 

Q: Will the FSR-00V2-140 withstand recoil and stay on my weapon? 
A: Yes, the crossbar/clamp screw provides a secure fit on your rail system, as well as providing a locking mechanism that aligns with the existing cross cut on your firearm. 

Q: Does the FSR-00V2-140 have a pulse mode, or low battery indicator?
A: No, this laser does not have a pulse mode or low battery indicator. 

Q: What firearms will the FSR-00V2-140 fit on? 
A: The FSR-00V2-140 will fit all standard size and sub-compact firearms that have a Picatinny/Weaver rail system with a cross slot available. The V2 requires 1” of rail space for mounting. **PLEASE NOTE** There are some pistols that require a LaserLyte Adapter in order for the FSR-00V2-140 to fit. 
Those are: 
  • Heckler & Koch USP 
  • Heckler & Koch USP Compact 
  • Smith & Wesson Sigma Series 
  • Bersa Thunder Series 
  • Bersa Firestorm Series 
  • Taurus Judge S&W Model 637 J-Frame 
  • S&W Model 642 J-Frame 
  • Charter Arms .44 

Q: What if my firearm does not have a rail system? 
A: If your firearm does not have a rail system, this laser will NOT work!! If you do not have a rail system, please see The “Classic” Universal Laser System (FSM-0PLW-140) http://www.laserlyte.com/Laser_Gun_Sights/Universal_Laser/FSM-0PLW-140.html 

Q: How does the FSR-00V2-140 attach to the rail?
A: The FSR-00V2-140 tightens down on the rail system with a clamp screw/cross bar. Loosen the clamp screw/cross bar, align it with the cross cut on your rail, press the laser onto the rail and then tighten the clamp screw/cross bar until snug. 

Q: How much does the FSR-00V2-140 weigh? 
A: This laser weighs 0.9oz or 25.51g. 

Q: How do you turn on/off the FSR-00V2-140? 
A: On the left, back side of the laser there is an orange activation switch/button. Simply press the button to turn on the laser and press the button again to turn off the laser. 

Q: Why is the orange activation switch/button on the left hand side of the laser? 
A: The activation switch/button is located on the left, back side of the FSR-00V2-140 due to design and size. Also, research findings have shown that the majority would prefer the button to be on the left hand side due to using their free hand to activate the laser. 

Q: Is there another version of the FSR-00V2-140 with the button on the right hand side? 
A: No, there is not a version of this laser with the activation switch/button on the right hand side. 

Q: Is there another version of the FSR-00V2-140 with a pressure pad switch? 
A: No, there is not a version of this laser that can be used with a pressure pad activation switch. 

Q: How do you change the batteries in the FSR-00V2-140?
A: To change the batteries in the FSR-00V2-140 unscrew the battery cap located on the front right side when looking at the front of the laser. This will be the cap that accepts a Hex key. 

Q: What kind of batteries does the FSR-00V2-140 use?
A: The FSR-00V2-140 uses three batteries size 393 or LR754. 

Q: How long will the batteries last for the FSR-00V2-140?
A: The batteries have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. 

Q: Where can I purchase replacement batteries for my FSR-00V2-140? 
A: The 393 or LR754 batteries are standard camera/watch/hearing aid batteries that can be purchased at your local Walmart, Radio Shack, local drug store or any other place that sells watch batteries. You may also purchase 12 packs of replacement batteries from LaserLyte directly. http://www.laserlyte.com/Batteries/BAT-393/BAT-12PK-393.html 

Q: Does the FlashLyte shown with the FSR-00V2-140 come with the laser? 
A: No, the FlashLyte does not come with the laser. You may purchase a FlashLyte separately. http://www.laserlyte.com/FlashLytes/WL_1.html 

Q: What is the actual size of the FSR-00V2-140? 
A: 1”x1”x1”
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