FAQ: HPT-0650-140

Q: What guns will the HPT-0650-140 fit? 

A: The HPT-0650-140 will only work on the Hi-Point .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols. 

Q: What lasers will fit on the HPT-0650-140? 
A: The ONLY laser that will work with the HPT-0650-140is the laser that is included with LaserLyte’s HPT-0650-140.
 Q: Why do I need this system for my Hi-Point Pistol? 
A: The HPT-0650-140 is needed because the rail system on Hi-Point pistols is proprietary to Hi-Point and is too short to mount a laser. Our adapter will attach to the Hi-Point rail and create a Picatinny/ Weaver style rail system. 
Q: How does the HPT-0650-140 stay in place? 
A: The adapter has two screws that keep it in place. There is one screw that tightens onto the rail system of the pistol and another screw that tightens at the bottom of the adapter to hold the laser. 
Q: How do you turn on the HPT-0650-140? 
A: The HPT-0650-140 comes with the ambidextrous slide switch that attaches to the back of the laser body. You simply slide the switch to the right or left and the laser will turn on. To turn off, simply slide the switch back to the center position. 
Q: What kind of batteries does the HPT-0650-140 use? 
A: The HPT-0650-140 uses two A76 batteries, which are also known as LR-44 or AG13 batteries. 
Q: Where are the batteries located and how do you change them? 
A: The batteries are located inside the round laser body. To change the batteries you simply unscrew the activation slide switch and slide the batteries out. To replace the batteries simply slide them back into the laser body and screw back on the activation slide switch. 
 Q: How long is the battery life for the HPT-0650-140? 
A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. If not used continuously, they will have a much longer life. 
Q: Where can these batteries be purchase? 
A: These batteries are standard camera/watch batteries that you can find at your local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, a local Drug Store, or any where else that carries these kind of batteries. A 12 pack can also be purchased on Laserlyte’s website here: http://www.laserlyte.com/products/a-76-batteries
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