Q: Which lasers are compatible with the Six Pack?

A: The Six Pack works well with the .22 to .50 caliber Bore Sighters item numbers: LBS-0006-140, LSS-0007-140 and LBS-HULK-140.

Q: What is included with the Six Pack?

A: 1 Scope/gun leveler, 12 pack of A76 batteries, 12 to 20 gauge shotgun adapter, an extra tool kit with .22 - .50 caliber adapters, 1 Daylight Laser target and a polymer carrying case.

Q: Does the Six Pack come with a Laser Bore Sighter?

A: No, it does not, this is only an accessory kit with case. Q: Will my Laser Bore Sighter fit in the polymer carrying case?
A: Yes, there is a designated spot for a Laser Bore Sighter (LBS-0006-140/LSS-0007-140). Also, there is extra room for additional tools, including LBS-1722-140 (not included).

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