Q: What laser bore sight is the MBS-PAK compatible with?

A: The MBS-1, found here: http://www.laserlyte.com/products/bore-sight-mbs-1

Q: Does the MBS-PAK include the MBS-1?

A: No – the MBS-PAK is an accessory kit only. The MBS-1 is sold separately.

Q: What does the MBS-PAK include?

A: The MBS-PAK includes a scope/gun leveler, 12-393 batteries, 12-20 shotgun adapter (works only with MBS-1), .51-.75 caliber bore adapter, extra.22-.50 caliber tool kit, daylight target and a durable polymer case to hold everything in.

Q: What is the actual size of the MBS-PAK?

A: 8.00 (Length) x 5.5 (Width) x 1.75 (Height) inches.

Q: How much does the MBS-PAK weigh?

A: This product weighs 25.3 oz.

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