FAQ: MNT-0900-180

Q: What firearms will the MNT-0900-180 fit on?

A: The MNT-0900-180 will fit all firearms that have a .5 – 1 inch diameter barrel.

Q: What is the difference between the MNT-0900-180 and the RLS-0650-140?

A: The difference between the MNT-0900-180 and the RLS-0650-140 is the RLS-0650-140 comes with a black round laser body and the MNT-0900-180 does not. The mounts used in both kits are exactly the same.

Q: What laser does the MNT-0900-180 work with?

A: The MNT-0900-180 works with any of Laserlyte’s round laser bodies.

Q: How does the MNT-0900-180 mount onto the firearm?

A: The MNT-0900-180 includes two sets of “w” shaped clamps that tighten down around the barrel and around the laser with two screws and a hex key that are provided.

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