FAQ: PB-1/PB-1T/PB-1G/PB-2

Q: With what firearms does the Pistol Bayonet’s work?

A: The Pistol Bayonets mount on Picatinny/Weaver style railed firearms. Please note, it may not work for all railed firearms and some short barrel guns, as the Bayonet’s handle may interfere with the trigger guard and not allow proper installation.

Q: Does the Pistol Bayonet come with a sheath?

A: Yes, each Bayonet comes with its own sheath which has a small tab on the top that locks it onto the knife. To remove the sheath, move the small tab, located towards the top of the sheath near the handle of the knife, away from the blade and carefully pull the sheath out towards the end of the blade.

Q: Are the Bayonet’s sharpened?

A: Yes. We advocate using extreme caution whenever the sheath is removed as the blade is very sharp.

Q: How do I install the Pistol Bayonet?

A: With the sheath in place, depress both of the buttons located on the handle of the knife and slide onto your rail. Release the buttons and the Bayonet should lock into place. Ensure the Bayonet is locked into place by giving it a small push or pull. Never use or fire your firearm until the Bayonet is securely attached to your pistol.

Q: I have a Picatinny/Weaver style rail but I can’t get the Bayonet onto the rail.

A: The first time the Bayonet is installed may be a little tough because it is made to mold itself to the rail of your firearm. We suggest shimmying or sliding the Bayonet left to right until it slides onto the rail. The mount is made of glass-filled nylon and other materials, and sometimes will be shaved down during installation in order to make a snug fit on the weapon on which it is installed.

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