FAQ: PLB-0001-140

Q: What calibers will the PLB-0001-140 work on?

A: The PLB-0001-140 will work on .22 up to .50 caliber rifles. It will now also, with the help of the BAK-1220-300 that is included, work on larger calibers up to .750.

Q: Will this bore tool work on a handgun?

A: Yes, the PLB-0001-140 will work on any handgun that has a minimum 4 inch barrel length.

Q: What are the four adapters made out of?

A: The four adapters are made from 100% DuPont Delrin material along with a brass bushing on the inside of each adapter.

Q: Will the adapters and the bore tool damage the finish inside the bore of my rifle/handgun?

A: The adapters and the bore tool will NOT harm your barrel.

Q: What is the difference between the PLB-0001-140 and the LBS-0006-140?

A: The PLB-0001-140 will allow you to do your own calibrations to each specific gun you have. Whereas the LBS-0006-140 comes out of Laserlyte’s factory already pre-aligned. Also, the PLB-0001-140 is geared more for the “gunsmith minded” person who has numerous guns they want to sight in and have the time to do their own calibrations. Another difference is the PLB-0001-140 will get you sighted in within 1-2 inches at 100 yards where the LBS-0006-140 will get you sighted in within 3-4 inches at 100 yards. The PLB-0001-140 also comes with the SLA-0001-140,.BAK-1220-140, and a black carrying case, where the LBS-0006-140 does not.

Q: How do you sight in using the PLB-0001-140?

A: To use the bore tool, you would pick the correct adapter for the caliber you are sighting in. Tighten the bore tool in the bore of your gun with the roll switch facing up and so the tool does not move or wobble. If calibration is needed for your firearm do so as this time. Then place the laser dot into the center of your targets bulls eye and adjust the center of the crosshairs/middle iron sight to be right on the laser dot. We then suggest going to your ranger for any fine turning you might need to do.

Q: How do you do the calibrating for the PLB-0001-140?

A: Once you have the bore tool fitted snug inside the bore of your firearm, turn the black part of the bore tool. If the laser dot is moving in a circle on the wall, you need to calibrate the bore tool to your firearm. By using the daylight target that is included and the windage/elevation adjustment screws at the front of the laser, do adjustments as needed until when you are turning the bore tool, the laser dot is not moving. When the laser dot is not moving, you know you have calibrated the PLB-0001-140 to that specific firearm. **PLEASE NOTE** You will need to repeat this process with each firearm you want to bore sight!

Q: How much distance do I need to use for bore sighting?

A: To obtain the best accuracy we recommend using 25-30 yards.

Q: What is 25-30 yards is not available?

A: The bore tool still can be used at a shorter distance of 15-25 feet. If this is the distance you are using, instead of placing the middle of your crosshairs/middle iron sight right on the red laser dot, you will adjust them to be 2-inches directly above the laser dot.

Q: How do I measure 2-inchs above the laser if I am doing the shorter distance?

A: Provided with the PLB-0001-140 is a target with numbers on the right hand side that range from .25-3.00. Simple use this target by pointing the laser dot in the bull eyes of the target and adjusting your crosshairs/iron sights to the “2.00” mark on the target. This will put you 2-inches above the laser dot.

Q: Where do you change the batteries on the PLB-0001-140?

A: The batteries are located inside the activation roll switch. The PLB-0001-140uses 3 A76/LR-44/AG13 batteries. To change the batteries you simply turn the roll switch to the “on” position and pop out the roll switch. The batteries will slide out the end. When putting new batteries into the roll switch, make sure you put the positive side of the battery in first.

Q: How long is the battery life for PLB-0001-140?

A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. If not used continuously, they will have a much longer life.

Q: Where can I purchase the batteries needed?

A: The batteries used in the PLB-0001-140 are standard camera/watch batteries. They can be located at a local Wal-Mart, drug store, Radio Shack, or any other location that sells batteries. You can also purchase 12-packs (BAT-0G13-140) from our website for $12 plus shipping.

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