FAQ: QDL-65SW-730 

Q: What guns does the QDL-65SW-730 fit on?

A: The QDL-65SW-730 is very gun specific. It will fit on the Smith & Wesson SW-99 series (this is not the same as the VE/Sigma series) and the Taurus PT 24/7. **THE GUN MUST HAVE A RAIL SYSTEM ON IT**

Q: Why can’t the QDL-65SW-730 be used on all other guns with a rail system?

A: The QDL-65SW-730 can not be used on all guns because the mount needs a certain size rail to be able to mount securely. Not all guns have the same rail size and length. It not mounted on the correct size rail system, the laser can not contain its accuracy, especially when the gun is fired.

Q: What makes the QDL-65SW-730 different for the other Laserlyte Rail Mounting Lasers?

A: The QDL-65SW-730 allows you to quickly and easily remove or add the laser to the firearm. Thus, the laser does not have to stay on the gun until it is needed. This allows for easier storage of the firearm and can save you time. Laserlyte’s other rail mounting systems take more time to remove or add the laser because they are locked into place on the rail system with tightening screws.

Q: How does the QDL-65SW-730 install and stay on the gun?

A: The mount for the QDL-65SW-730 has two cross locking pins that are operated by the two buttons on the each side of the mount. Simply press the buttons in to slide the mount on, and depress the buttons to lock the mount into place. The mount will be securely attached.

Q: How do you turn on the QDL-65SW-730?

A: At the end of the laser body is a ambidextrous slide switch that turns the laser on and off. Simply slide the switch to the right or left and the laser will turn on. To turn off the laser simply slide the switch back into the center position.

Q: What batteries does the QDL-65SW-730 use?

A: The QDL-65SW-730 uses 3 A76 batteries, which are also known as LR-44 or AG13 batteries.

Q: How long is the battery life for the QDL-65SW-730?

A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. If not used continuously, they will have a much longer life.

Q: Where can these batteries be purchase?

A: These batteries are standard camera/watch batteries that can be found at a local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, local Drug Store, or anywhere else that carries those kind of batteries. A 12 pack can also be purchased at Laserlyte’s website for $12 plus shipping.

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