Q: What firearms will the RLS-0650-140 fit on?

A: The RSL-0650-140 will fit all firearms that have a .5 – 1 inch diameter barrel.

Q: How does the RLS-0650-140 mount onto the firearm?

A: The RLS-0650-140 includes two sets of “w” shaped clamps that tighten down around the barrel and around the laser with two screws and a hex key that are provided.

Q: How do you turn on RLS-0650-140?

A: The RLS-0650-140 comes with a curly cord pressure pad activation switch. The cord can stretch from 10 inches up to 36 inches in length. The pressure pad can be mounted anywhere on the firearm by using the Velcro pad that is included with the unit. To turn on the laser simply apply pressure to the pad. If pressure is released from the pad the laser will turn off.

Q: How much does the RLS-0650-140 weigh?

A: The total weight of the unit is approximately 1.7 ounces. That includes the laser, mounts, curly cord switch, and batteries.

Q: Where are the batteries located in the RLS-0650-140? How do you change them?

A: The batteries are located in the black round laser body. To change the batteries simply unscrew the curly cord pressure activation pad from the end of the laser. Slide the batteries out. Simply put in the new batteries and screw back on the curly cord pressure activation pad. 

Q: What kind of batteries does the RLS-0650-140 take?

A: The RLS-0650-140 uses 3 A-76 batteries, which are also known as LR-44 or AG13 batteries.

Q: How long is the battery life for the RLS-0650-140?

A: The batteries will have a life of approximately 1.5 hours continuously. If not used continuously, they will have a much longer life.

Q: Where can these batteries be purchase?

A: These batteries are standard camera/watch batteries that can be found at a local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, local Drug store, or anywhere else that carries those kind of batteries. A 12 pack can also be purchased at Laserlyte’s website for $12 plus shipping.

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