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Bore Sight .17-.22

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Mini Laser Bore Sight for Smaller Calibers 

Save time, money and ammunition with the new and improved LaserLyte® Mini Laser Bore Sight for .17-.22 caliber firearms. Incorporating LaserLyte's patented one-piece design and caliber-fitting systems the new Mini Laser Bore Sight is fifty percent smaller than the previous model. This easy-to-use product can get a shooter within three to four inches of the bull's-eye at 100 yards in about three shots.


Constructed from tough T6 aluminum, the Mini Laser Bore Sight comes in a sleek red finish and works great on any weapon with at least three inches of barrel length. The Mini Laser Bore Sight makes sight-in sessions a breeze for scopes, lasers or iron sights on any firearm from .17 to .22 caliber with two included adapters. The Mini Laser Bore Sight activates with a roll switch and is powered by three 393 batteries that provide one and a half hours of continuous use.


- Product Number: MBS-1722
- Compatible Firearms: .17 to .22 Caliber, minimum 3-inch barrel
- Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
- Laser module: 650nm
- Batteries: 3-393 batteries
- Battery Life: 1.5 hours constant on
- Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
- Weight: .13 oz., 4.00 g
- Length/Min. Dia./Max. Dia.: 4.25 in./.15 in./.52 in., 108mm/3.85mm/13.20mm
- Range at Night: 500 yd., 457.2 m


MBS-1722 - (Low Rez Size) / (Large Rez Size)

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