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gun sight laser trainer

Laser gun sight for all Hi-Point pistols ever made. fits into the gun’s housing seamlessly; matching the gun’s dust cover and trigger guard with perfect fit. The LaserLyte® laser sight fits the Hi-Point 380acp, 9mm, 40sw and 45acp.


Each TGL package comes with two housings per model and will fit two guns for the price of just one laser. Simply use a Philips head screw driver to remove the single screw to swap out laser housings. A laser swap can easily be made in under a minute. Initial installation onto the gun will take less than five minutes and the laser does not require removal in order to change out batteries.  There is one set of housings that fit the 380 and 9; the second set of housings fit the 40 and 45 models.


This laser also features a built-in Gun Sight Trainer, the newest generation of LaserLyte's Master Module Laser System. It's a Laser Sight, it's a laser trainer, it's all-in-one on your gun! The new Laser Trainer mode allows you to practice with your own gun in between range sessions without live ammunition. Each time you pull the trigger, a momentary laser beam simulates the location of your shot. The Gun Sight Trainer works with all of LaserLyte's Laser Targets for valuable training anytime, anywhere. Just hold both activation buttons for 5 seconds to start training!  After appx 5 minutes in Laser Trainer mode, the Gun Sight Trainer will automatically revert to normal Laser Sight operation. Practicing with the Gun Sight Trainer is like putting 10,000 rounds in your pocket!


LaserLyte ® UTA-HAB Specifications:

- Part Number: UTA-HAB

- Compatible Firearms: HI-POINT 380acp, 9mm, 40sw, and 45acp

- Power Output: 650nm, 5mW, Class IIIA

- Programmable: Dual mode constant on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes

- Built-in Laser Trainer Mode for dry-fire practice

- Batteries: 3 x 392

- Battery Life: Actual usage 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode

- Weight: .75 ounces/0.0213 kg

- Material: 55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum

- Length: 1.52 inches/3.86 cm

- Width: .76 inches/ 1.93 cm

- Height: 1.70 inches/4.32 cm

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