Trash Talkin' Trainer Target - TLB-TTT - MSRP $69.95

Trash Talkin' Trainer Target

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LaserLyte® Announces the Trash Talkin' Trainer Target


Wipe that special snowflake smirk off your face and drop the participation trophy because LaserLyte's NEW Trash Talkin' Target is here to improve your shooting skills through insult and emotional hardship.


The target makes increasingly deragatory slurs every time you pull the trigger:


“You shoot as bad as you look.”


“Stop choking the chicken.”


“Go back to your safe space and come back when your pants are dry.”


“Your soft hands remind me of your mother.”



Results show that Trash Talk is best suited for new shooters, women, young children and anyone else who needs to sack up. Offensive statements and abusive language are proven to make people stop shooting like pansies. 


The secret to success? LaserLyte's patent-pending Smartass Speaker 2.0 Technology makes it the most interactive training device on the market. 


Other disrespectful statements include:


“You draw that gun like a sloth!”  


“We’re not here to practice the spray 'n pray.”


"How 'bout you shoot with your eyes open!"


“Grip it like Chris Costa next time.”  


"Whoever told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice."


Best of all, the target has a built-in USB port to download new insults at no charge.


The Trash Talkin' Target is guaranteed to make you suck a little less.


- 1 Trash Talkin' Target
- 2 DD Batteries
- Safe spaces not included



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