V-Mag Grip Laser - NAA .22 Magnum - NAA-VC - MSRP $129.95

V-Mag Grip Laser - NAA .22 Magnum

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LaserLyte introduces the V-Mag Grip Laser for all North American Arms .22 Mag Pistols, including the Pug, Black Widow and Side Winder.  The grip activation turns the dot on when the pistol is held in a shooting position. The Grip Laser sight is built from 55% glass filled nylon.


The Laser allows for a longer stand-off distance and an increased rate of repeated accuracy. The laser is fully adjustable to the point of impact.  The 22 Mag Laser will also work with all current holsters for any 22 Mag N.A.A mini revolvers.


The V-Mag Laser for North American Arms .22 Mag framed pistols is aligned along the pistols sight line for instant target acquisition.  LaserLyte® continues to get sport shooters and professionals on the target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits with affordable and fun laser training tools.


LaserLyte® NAA-VC Specifications:

Compatible Firearms:     NAA: All .22 Mag pistols, Pug, Black Widow, Side Winder, etc.

Power Output:       650nm, 5mW, Class IIIA

Activation:       Grip Constant On / Off Feature

Batteries:         3 x 392

Battery Life:     Constant on – 1 hour plus

Weight:     0.75 ounces

Material:   55% Glass Filled Nylon

Length:     3.00 inches

Width:      1.25 inches

Height:     1.00 inches          

MSRP:     $129.95

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